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Light sandwich panel with okoumè-plywood faces and cork with 260/290 kg/m3 density. Central core made by Okoumè for screw holding and
CDM17 3 mm. thickness CORK-RUBBER LAYER.

Composite panel made by marine Okoumè plywood (also RINA approved). CORK inserts divided by a central core in marine Okoumè
plywood and CORK-RUBBER layers create a panel with high acoustic and thermal insulation properties.
The panel combines the characteristics of the JohnPhon sandwich panel with those of the JohnSug panel. While it is quite
lightweight, it ensures maximum physicalmechanical performance and is both practical and easy to use, improves head joints, prevents
the need for screw anchors and offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.
Outside surfaces can be supplied already veneered or covered with some other decorative material.
These panels are ideal for all those uses that require light, thermal-acoustic insulating panels made of natural materials.
All glues used have E1 classification i.e. low formaldehyde emissions.
Standard production:
Thickness from 40 to 60 mm.
Sizes: 2490x1210 mm - 2490x1580 mm - 3090x1520 mm - 3090x1580 mm


  • Raw material: Okoumé plywood
  • Gluing: Class 3 - exterior for the plywood
  • Sizes:
    2490x1210 mm
    2490x1580 mm
    3090x1520 mm
    3090x1580 mm
  • Thickness: From 40 to 60 mm


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