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What we do

John BV is specialised in the delivery of wood for marine applications. We sell only the highest quality, European-standard products, for low prices. This combination of high quality and low prices is a promise we can keep because of our decades of experience in supplying the maritime sector.

Our most important categories are:

  • EuroGratings
  • Hardwood and softwood
  • Plywood and sandwich panels

Within these categories, we offer many different qualities, sorts and sizes. Bespoke/custom orders are always possible.

Delivery within 48 hours

We deliver worldwide from our base in the Amsterdam harbour. Our service level matches the quality level of our products. Wherever you are, we can supply you with EuroGratings of any size and type within 48 hours.

Bespoke and bulk orders

Bespoke work? Need custom gratings, panels or plywood? Just call and we'll deliver.
With our years of extensive experience in the shipping industry, we understand your requirements quickly. We always have an extensive inventory of products available in standard sizes. We can also supply plywood, hardwood and gratings in bulk. This can provide an interesting benefit.

John BV takes pride in its quality and delivery reliability.

Do you need wood for marine applications - anywhere in the world? Then please call John BV: +31 20-633 03 20


Toetsenbordweg 57-59
1033 MZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Postal address

Postbus 37009
1030 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands


T: +31 20 - 633 03 20
F: +31 20 - 633 26 27
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.