Marine Plywood & Panels

Marine plywood & panels of high strength

Are you looking for high quality marine plywood panels? John BV delivers plywood in many varieties and applications. Plywood gets it specific qualities from the combination of wood type, gluing and finishing. The capability to withstand maritime conditions is one of these qualities. Others include its low weight, strength, flexibility, and the ease with which it is fashioned, maintained and replaced. Ideal for your intended use.

Standard and specials: Plywood panels for marine application

We supply standard plywood of various types - in nearly every thickness and in many formats. And in large volumes, if required, for extra savings. Our special plywood products are built of wood types that have been carefully selected and glued. Below you will find all our plywood products including all their specifications when ordering. We can deliver bulk and bespoke work worldwide within 48 hours.

Need advice on our products?

Do you need any advice on what kind of plywood panels you need for your marine vessel and specific application? We are happy to assist you in finding the best product for the intended use. With more than 65 years of experience, there is no situation we have not seen before. We are very knowledgeable about different materials, applications and finishes, which makes it a pleasure to assist you in choosing the right materials. Please contact us on +3120-6330320 or fill in a quotation form to receive a quote on your order. Browse the different products down below to find the best suitable product for you.


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