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Floor grating for all kinds of ships.

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  • Various types of hardwood for all sorts of applications.

  • Multiple possibilities for various applications.

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  • Plywood for the maritime industry and other applications.

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  • Special types of plywood and sandwich panels.

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  • Following an accident in Gibraltar, we needed a big batch of EuroGratings. We chose John BV since they were by far the fastest in getting us up and running again. At that moment, that was our most pressing concern. And the gratings fit in the hold perfectly.
  • One of our reefers had to be repaired in Hamburg. New gratings were needed, among other things. We looked around for the best supplier. That turned out to be John BV in Amsterdam. They supplied the quality we required at a good price.
  • For the renovation of one of our ships, we needed a huge amount of wood - of many different qualities, and including some extremely rare types. Fortunately, we were already acquainted with John BV and they could supply exactly what we wanted. The price wasn't a particular issue, but it still ended up being a pleasant surprise.
  • We placed a big order for various types of plywood for renovating the crew's quarters on three of our transport vessels. When John BV heard about our intended use, they advised us to choose sandwich panels instead of wood for the walls. That light material allowed us to keep the structure considerably simpler.

your supplier for all types of wood for marine applications

Order your wood for marine applications from John BV. Wherever you need it. Anywhere in the world. John BV is located in the Amsterdam harbour and has over 65 years of experience supplying ocean shipping. John BV supplies EuroGratings worldwide. Within 48 hours, if needed. Our high-quality EuroGratings comply with European standards. You can get all your marine plywood and sandwich panels at John BV. We supply this material in myriad types and in any size. Bulk delivery is also possible. And it costs even less.
John BV – for rapid delivery of the highest quality wood for marine use.



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